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Johannesburg, South Africa
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Saxonwold, 2132
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We are unique in that we are not just project managers but instead offer a complete turnkey service to coal mines worldwide including design, fabrication, construction and commissioning, utilizing the same team of specialists at all phases of a project. Our directors, engineers, draughtsmen and workshop staff co-operate side by side to build plants in which we all take great pride.

Portaclone, established in 1981 and based in Kew, Johannesburg, South Africa is a company of specialist mechanical, structural and process engineers whose activities are totally focused on the design and construction of coal preparation and handling plants for the coal mining industry.

Whether it be by way of their successful and comprehensive range of standardized modular plants, or a turnkey project of fixed plant, we are is committed to ensuring that the plant provided achieves the owners expectations in terms of throughput capacity, product quality control and durability.

This commitment is based on a foundation of professionalism, applied expertise and an unswerving belief that the highest standards of construction must be adhered to.

It is a fact that the road to success starts at the drawing board but we have also earned our stripes where it really matters - on site - where optimized performance, long term reliability and ease of operation are mandatory factors.

We are committed to coal as a long term primary energy source and chemical agent but not to the detriment of the environment. Our plants are built with the primary aim of reducing pollutants from the feedstock and our engineers maintain a concerned awareness of the polluting effects of the process plants themselves. Containment and treatment of effluents is a vital part of the plant designs.